Huntington State Beach

Huntington State Beach is a beautiful place to be. There are so many fun things you can do to make your day worth while. You can have a wonderful day at the beach with awesome waves, great food, and people watching. The water is pretty warm averaging from 64-67 degrees. If you want to stay for the night there are tons of fire pits that are great for bonfires and s’mores. During the summer they had a weekly movie on the beach where they put up a huge screen and played different movies. It is so fun and a great place to go with friends.


Thousand Steps

Thousand Steps has so many different things that you can enjoy. It is located in the beautiful Laguna Beach. Although the name implies that there are 1000 steps, you only have to go down about 230 stairs to get there. There are caves, secret pools, great waves, rocks to climb, and adventures to go on. The caves and secret pools are only accessible at certain times. When the tide is high, no one is allowed to attempt to climb the rocks to get over to them. However, if the tides are low, it is a beautiful place to explore. Most of the time there is a great shore break that allows for body surfers to get some great pictures. Also, if you want to explore down the beach, you can climb on and through some rocks to get to other little beaches in Laguna. It is a lot of fun to spend the day in Laguna going from beach to beach on the trolley and spending the day at Thousand Steps.

The Wedge

The Wedge is known for it’s massive waves and amazing shots photographers have been able to capture there. This summer, there were many big swells that came through the wedge. Some consisted of 12-14 foot waves. On those particular days, only the experts are allowed out in the water and there are many lifeguards supervising. On days like the one pictured, many people like to go out and enjoy the perfect waves to body surf on. The Wedge is separated from CDM beach by just one jetty. If you sit up on the jetty you can feel the mist of the waves spraying up at you. If you love to shred awesome waves and get barreled, then this is the place to be.

Bring your go pro and good luck!

Crystal Cove

Tide pools, waves, shake shack, and hiking sums up the beauty that is called Crystal Cove. This beach usually is not too crowded, which is nice for a quiet but fun day at the beach. The scenery is beautiful and to get down to the water, you can enjoy a nice walk through Newport Coast. Another nice thing about Crystal Cove are the tide pools. Some days they are closed due to high tide, but this is rare. For the most part, you are able to go out on the rocks and find creatures such as sea aninamies, crabs, and fish. Then there is the delicious shake shack at the top of the hill. You can enjoy shakes, burgers, fries and more while looking over the water. To see more about this beach check out this site!

Have fun!

Huntington City Beach

The south side is the best place to be. We typically spend our time at tower 5. This gives us the opportunity to be by the pier, downtown, and pacific city without too big of crowds. During the summer you get to experience the junior guards training up and down the beach. If there are surf competitions going on it is the perfect place to watch while also being able to go in the water. If you get hungry you can head over to Kokomos on the beach or up to Rubys on the pier. Usually waves are around 2-4 feet with an average temperature of about 65 degrees. Our favorite part of city beach is that it is quick and easy to get to and be able to have a great time with friends whether it is an hour or the whole day.

See you there sometime!

Intro to Our Blog


Hi! Through the different posts on our blog, we are going to explore the beaches of California and other cool places to adventure. We will be posting pictures and information about each location that will be helpful to know before going. Our hope is that this will become a place where people can gain more knowledge about the beautiful beaches we get to live so close to. It has always been a passion of ours to spend every free moment we have down by the water so we are excited to be able to share those experiences with you!
Hope you enjoy!