If you find yourself traveling to the island of Oahu, Ko’Olina bay is the perfect place to take kids or snorkelers. As there are no waves, it is more of a place to relax and play with younger kids in the water. However, in one of the bays, there are tons of sea turtles! It is so much fun to swim with the turtles and experience life under the sea. Along with the sea turtles there are many different types of colorful fish. When we went, there was even a protected monk seal lounging up on the tide pools. It is definitely a cool place to check out and I’m sure you won’t regret it!

Dog Beach

Dog beach is a great place to enjoy the beach not with just family and friends but also your DOG! There are so many cute dogs down there having a great time. They are so fun to watch running into the water and fetching toys. The waves aren’t huge so you don’t have to worry about saving your dog if he/she goes for a swim. The waves however are great for surfing too if you would like to surf. It is also a short walk down town were you can grab a bite to eat or shop around. It is a beautiful place to relax with your friends and your dog!