Before going to Stagecoach this year I was so beyond excited. I had been waiting for years, so when my grandma told me she had bought tickets for Alex and I to go, I was ecstatic. Throughout the whole time we were there, I was living in a dream. Not only were we in the heat of Palm Springs, but we got to spend all morning by the pool, and all afternoon and night listening to dozens of country artists. Directly after it all finished, I was still on such a high… I had just been to Stagecoach! However, it then set in that I wouldn’t be going for at least a full year. Now, instead of being bummed that this fun festival has passed, I am just super excited to return next year. I now believe that I am going to try and go every year possible because it was one of the most fun weekends of my life.

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The Idea

I think a normal day in California, the beaches, the mountains, the sunny days, the cold days, and the amazing people. I ask other people what they think and they talk about the great road trips down the coast and the amazing mountains in Big Bear. We put our thought together and realize how lucky we are to live in such a great place. We came up with a final decision that California is the best place to live.