Tracy Olson, October 22,2005, ©CC BY-SA 2.0

I never really realized how privileged we are.We live in a world where we don’t think twice about going out to buy a burger or to spend money on new clothes. We really have everything we could possibly need. Before going on a trip that changed my perspective, I truly never realized how lucky I am to live in this time and in this place.
These were my thoughts until I went to Haiti. In my planning for the trip, I knew that I was going to a third world country and that it would be much different than what I was accustomed to, however, there was so much more poverty than I was expected. For instance, their houses don’t even have doors. a IMG_1450.JPGtypical home would be a one room, cement building with drapes covering the entrance as their door. However, even amongst this immense poverty, the people of Haiti lead such joyful lives. They are thankful for every small thing they might receive and along with this thankfulness, they are generous. Although they might not have much, they know their neighbors and friends are in the same position. So, they share each and every thing with one other. This created such a large sense of community that was so cool to be able to witness.

IMG_1482.JPGAfter I came home, I felt like I was living in such a weird haze. I almost felt guilty to come home to the same abundance that I had left with, now knowing what other people in the world live with. It made me sad to see how wasteful we could be when the people of Haiti would give anything to live the life we live. I wanted to be able to give them anything I could, because out of all people, the Haitians and their thankful hearts deserve to have anything they need.

FullSizeRender-2.jpgNow, however, I realized that I can’t live life feeling guilty for what I have and they don’t, so I made a conscious decision to live more thankfully. I can’t change my circumstances, and I can’t change their’s either, however, I can continue to give support to those people and hopefully go back one day. I can also lead a more thankful life. Doing this has helped me to be more joyful in my everyday life.